oolong tea


Oolong is a traditional Chinese tea that is between green and black in oxidation. It is among the most popular types of tea served in typical Chinese restaurants.

In Chinese culture of tea, oolong teas are collectively grouped semioxidados clear tea.
Oolong has a taste similar to green tea to black: it has the aroma of sweet and pinkish black tea or strong herbal notes that characterize the green tea. Usually cooked so that it is strong bitterness leaving a sweet aftertaste. Different varieties of oolong, including those produced in the Wuyi mountains of northern Fujian and in the mountains of central Taiwan are among the most famous Chinese teas.

Oolong Tea leaves are processed in two different ways. Some varieties are rolled into long, curved leaves, while others are pressed to ball-like shapes, similar to Gunpowder.El first method is the oldest.

Tea aficionados classified as floral or fruity aroma, flavor and aftertaste. Oolong teas are roasted or soft. Although most oolong teas consumed immediately after production, pu-erh as many varieties can benefit from aging with a slight normal roasting coal fire under cultivation literally baking. Before roasting, Oolong tea leaves are rolled and hit to break the cell walls and stimulate enzymatic activity. The roasting process eliminates unwanted odors tea and reduces any acidic taste or astringent; addition, it is believed that the process makes oolong softer to the stomach.

Oolong teas are most famous and expensive Wuyi Cliff china, made ​​in this region, but production usually still considered organic. Shui Xian much tea is grown elsewhere in Fujian.

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