Loose Oolong Tea

What Is a Loose Oolong Tea?

Loose Oolong Tea comes from Camellia Sinensis. It is processed as loose semi-fermented loose tea. It has two varieties; Loose Green Oolongs or Loose Dark Oolongs. If you looked at the Oolong Tea, it looks dark red brown green color. It is graded as seventy percent green color and thirty percent red color.

Loose Oolong Tea Grades

It has different grades from first grade to 5th grade. The first grade is highest in quality and the 5th grade has still the power of a Loose Oolong tea, but may have a different shade or grade during the fermentation process. It is graded according to its appearance, taste, and color.

Loose Oolong Tea as Aperitifs

Loose Oolong teas are famous aperitifs in Chinese kiosks and restaurant in ancient China. Usually people take it after a heavy meal to end the meal properly. The drinking of Loose Oolong tea was not as ceremoniously done in Japan as in China, but one thing is for sure, they drink loose Oolong tea drink to eliminate cholesterol through active polyphenols real block busters against those evil free radicals.

Now, Loose Oolong tea can be found anywhere as more countries are exporting it from China, because of health benefits such as the healthy polyphenols. Chinese doctors for centuries have used Loose Oolong teas as medicines.

Loose Oolong Tea is available in cans and packets. The best are those which are propagated in China, however many countries are following suit in its production as these variety of tea is getting popular by the day.

Many manufacturers like Lipton, Robina Corporation and Nestea are using Oolong Tea for their drinks. Some pharmaceutical companies have concocted dietary supplements which includes loose oolong tea.

The best however, is to buy it as loose oolong tea, boil and drink it, as polyphenols are easily taken in when drank. Its compounds are easily mixed with our body chemicals naturally.

General Indication

Loose oolong tea is not given to persons who have severe heart palpitations, who are taking weight loss prescription drugs like Phentermine, Orlistat, and Paxil.

It is also not given to people who are suffering from an overdose of caffeine and those who are under the influence of drug like ecstasy and marijuana.

It is not good to take coffee and loose oolong tea at the same time, as it can overdose your caffeine intake for the day, and will make you awake almost the whole day.

Benefits of Loose Oolong Tea

Polyphenols are power engineered blasting oxidants chemical compounds. They helped the body get rid of free radicals, which causes all types of diseases and infection in the body. It also prevents the onset of some neuro diseases such as Parkinson's disease and it also prevents depression it can activate your dopamine happy hormones.

Polyphenols found in Loose Oolong tea also prevent inflammation and it has anti-allergy compounds! People who has undergone surgery may find Loose Oolong Tea help them improve quality life.

Loose Oolong Tea as Weight Loss Supplement

Studies from European Journal Clinical Nutrition (2006) shows, how it can prevent a person from turning obese! It can also release cholesterol naturally out of the body. Most Loose Oolong Tea drinkers knows when to take there tea. Usually, its' every after meal, with the maximum of three cups, otherwise, if you drink it towards the evening, you might end up wide awake!

The good thing about the drink is if you really need to lose fat, it does not hamper your growth. It means it does not take away nutrients which are necessary for your body. Some medicines which are really necessary for obese patients, releases fats with the nutrients, which means you have to take vitamins supplements if you are on weight loss.

Loose Oolong Tea does not release nutrients but only the cholesterol which can endanger your health.

Oriental medicine however, teaches, loose oolong tea is effective if you combine it with Tai Chi or Karate or healthy exercises. This is to help polyphenols move faster in your body, creating a healthy circulation, making your brain manufacture happy hormones like serotonin, and dopamine. Dopamine is the hormone naturally activated in the body of people, who are happy and cheerful; it activates the natural production of these hormones.

Overdose of dopamine or artificial intake of dopamine is dangerous to one's health. Some medications however are strictly regulated by doctors for highly depressed patients caused by chemical imbalance in the brain.

Diabetes and Heart Disease

One cause of type 2 diabetes is the presence of dead fat cells in the body. They are like small glass splinters trash which causes havoc in our heart, blood circulation, and blood pressure. Diabetes is a dangerous disease as it can also cause gangrene at the onset of a wound.

Scientists like Chong Zhi Wang, Sanpete R. Emendable, and Chun Su Yuan studied how Loose Oolong Tea polyphenols can help people avoid chronic heart disease and all other diseases attach to it. They discovered how polyphenols are great natural oxidant blasters and thus taking out free radicals outside our body. (5)

Bacterial Infections Caused by Streptococci Virus

It can prevent bacterial infections, flu, and other viral infections, especially when it is mixed with Vitamin C drink.

Some cocktail enthusiasts concoct Loose Oolong Tea, lemon juice and honey for a powerful streptococci blaster drink.

Strong Teeth

Loose Oolong Tea polyphenols are unfriendly to cavities, so when you take your drink it will help you prevent tooth cavities as well.

Other Benefits

It is also helpful for patients who have undergone surgery, people suffering from Parkinson's disease, as laboratory studies shows, how the degenerative process of dopamine neurons are managed and stunted. It is also helpful when you are studying, as it activates your brain neurons and it also has a natural caffeine contact to make you wide awake when you need to work on intense studying.

It also serves as powerful cancer prevention, as the University of Tokushima Japan research study of the Graduate School of Health Sciences with the cooperation of the International Public Health Nutrition last 2006 shows, how polyphenols destroys free radicals causing cancer.

How to Buy Loose Oolong Tea Without Getting Duped

It can be bought in Fujian Province in China, Japan or local supermarkets anywhere in the world selling Chinese products. You can also buy an online product, just be sure to double check the merchant selling.

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