Tea Side Effects

Green Tea Side Effects

Does the all natural blend of green tea have any side effects? Get the facts straight as the fog is lifted in our information guide…

Tea Side Effects

The popularity of green tea has made it the second most commonly consumed drink after water. This is not without good reason. The amazing brew is loaded with many health benefits that the Chinese and Japanese have been using for eons and now the rest of the world is also hooked on to the drink.

The healing properties that green tea is endowed with are many. This makes it an ideal choice for health conscious individuals in place of their daily black tea or coffee. Green tea can help recover cellular damage and prevent deadly diseases from cropping up. It also helps to reinforce the immune system and make it strong enough to shun off many illnesses on its own.

Green tea is being heavily advertised as the best all natural alternative to chemical medication in many cases. It is true that green tea does serve as the best alternative to chemical medicines but even this all natural remedy has its downsides.

Catching the culprit

Like coffee, green tea too has caffeine. Although the caffeine content in green tea is much lower than what you would find in coffee it is this particular ingredient that is to be blamed for the side effects that green tea reportedly has. This is the reason why the energy boost that you get from drinking green tea is sustained as compared to what happens when you drink a cup of coffee.

It is only amongst people who have certain sensitivity towards caffeine that green tea poses any real threat of side effects. Generally it does not even raise your heart rate in the way coffee does. People that are sensitive to the caffeine content found in green tea can always opt for a decaf version of the blend available in different forms.

The most common decaf version of green tea is available in the form of tablets that can be eaten in order to reap the benefits of the plant. In this way you can rest assured that you will be safe from the potential side effects of the caffeine in green tea.

Tea Side Effects 2018

The most common reaction to caffeine has been palpitation and nervousness. Some people have also complained about unrest in the stomach. These are not very serious problems anyways and there are plenty of alternatives available for such people who fear they could suffer from these side effects.

There is yet another way in which some people have developed certain side effects by consuming green tea. This however has nothing to do with the constituents of green tea. In their eagerness to avail the health benefits of green tea many people have gone to extremes and consumed excessive amounts of the drink.

The thing to remember is that anything irrespective of how beneficial it may be, it needs to be consumed in a regulated manner. By overdosing on green tea or any of its related products you are bound to develop undesirable effects in your body.

Green Tea HP

Green Tea HP

Green tea hp is a highly concentrated green tea product that claims to be many times more effective than the tea in its original form.

Green Tea HP

Both medical and general stores are stocked up with many varieties of green tea products that are in demand these days. Amongst the many products that can be seen on the shelves today is Green tea hp. This is a unique blend of green tea which has been coupled with pomegranate juice, noni juice and trace minerals.

The product is an instant green tea supplement that can be used to promote good health and assists in the process of weight loss. You will be able to find it in a box containing sixty pixies of the drink. Each of the pixies has 1000 mg of pure green tea extract in it.

Green tea hp has been observed to be highly beneficial. It contains over 500 mg of polyphenols that are a source of great benefit to the body. Furthermore the product is also enriched with 200mg of EGCG which is the main antioxidant found in green tea.

This highly concentrated drink gives you the benefits of having twenty cups of regular green tea in a single serving. The fact that it is available in eight different and delicious flavors has also contributed to the product’s success in the market. On top of this you have a choice of whether you want to consume it as a cold beverage or a hot one.

The health benefits of Green Tea HP

The concentrated drink is endowed with powerful antioxidants that can help you shed off your excess weight in good speed. Green tea by itself has numerous health benefits that are well known to the general public by now. The unique selling point of Green Tea HP is however the combination of ingredients that constitutes the product.

Noni Juice

The addition of noni juice is one of the unique attributes of green tea hp. This juice was used by Polynesian cultures in history. The main benefits to be derived from this juice are that it revitalizes the body and gives it more strength promoting good overall health in general.

Pomegranate Juice

The other interesting element in green tea hp is pomegranate juice. Just like green tea pomegranate juice is also laden with antioxidants. These antioxidants are particularly beneficial to combat heart related problems as well as mental health.

The product contains a number of beneficial minerals that are actually derived from the sea. The object of adding these minerals to the combination is to provide nutrition through them which has a positive effect on the cellular functions.

Understanding the difference

In order to truly appreciate the benefits of green tea hp one needs to draw a comparison between normal green tea and this product. Unlike normal green tea, Green Tea HP is made from fresh green tea leaves and not dried ones. This enables the product to have retained the maximum health benefits that the leaf is naturally endowed with whereas some of the nutritional elements of the leaf are lost during the tea making process.

Add to that the other natural beneficial elements and eliminate the use of any chemicals whatsoever and you have a highly effective and powerful drink that has more benefits than the original green tea drink itself.

Tea Cream for Neuropathy

Green Tea Cream for Neuropathy

Medical research has discovered that green tea can be used to combat neuropathy and the latest product is available in the form of a cream. Read on to see how effective it is…

Tea Cream for Neuropathy

The nervous system is susceptible to develop a disease known as neuropathy. This disease is the result of severe damage to one or more nerves in the system. Individuals suffering from this disease undergo excruciating pains which are coupled with feelings of numbness and tingling.

As such neuropathy is not an incurable disease. Medical science has developed a range of treatment options for this epidemic problem. The only thing is that the available treatment options take a long time to perform their action. The individual has to therefore patiently bear the pain whilst the medication starts to take its effect.

The time it takes to cure neuropathy depends on the severity of the disease. It is recommended to regulate the use of drugs as using too many drugs can have other side effects on the body. In general the medication that is available for neuropathy is heavily based on chemicals.

There are certain milder alternatives available in the market. But the problem with the milder treatment options is that they take a lot of time to provide relief to the patient who is suffering from the disease. Over the counter medicines are only helpful for a momentary relief from the excruciating pain.

The green tea alternative

Medical science has today realized that the wonder shrub of green tea can actually help those patients that are suffering from neuropathy. This has been a remarkable discovery amongst all the other health benefits that green tea is credited for having.

Green tea for the treatment of neuropathy is available in the form of a cream. This cream contains a specially formulated content of green tea along with other substances that work together to combat the effects of neuropathy. The cream is simply applied to the affected area and it starts to take its action once it dissolves within the skin.

The green tea cream for neuropathy has twofold benefits. In the short term it helps to reduce the immediate pain thus acting like a pain killer. Regular usage of the cream slowly works its way to ridding the body of the problem once and for all.

The fact that the cream is made from an all natural product makes it a much better alternative to the other medications for neuropathy that are made using chemicals. This is because as an all natural substance green tea is free from having any side effects on the body. This is one of the main reasons why people are more than willing to try out this treatment option.

Another plus point about the green tea cream for neuropathy is the fact that you need not increase its administered dosage. With over the counter pain killers the immune system becomes weak and one has to keep on increasing the intake of such medicines in order for them to provide any relief.

The green tea cream is however to be used in well regulated measures that do not exceed the recommended dose. Thus we find the all natural cream to be a far better alternative to the chemical medicines that carry the risk of various side effects.

Green Tea Fat Burner

Green Tea Fat Burner

The world has only recently woken up to discover the various health benefits that green tea has to offer. This is the reason why you will find many to be going head over heels over this wonderful drink that has been in use in the east for many centuries.

Green Tea Fat Burner

Amongst the many different benefits that can be derived from this unique drink is it’s ability to act as a fat burner. Green tea found its way into the tea cups of the public because they had heard that it helps prevent many harmful diseases and promotes over all well being. Soon enough the health care experts were able to establish that green tea can act as a solid fat burner.

Green tea fat burners are the ideal choice

As a result we find that people have taken to the drink considering it to be one of the most effective and safest fat burners around. The fact that green tea is an all natural product gives the people a sense of security because it carries no risks of developing any side affects. Compare this to the heavily chemical based fat burners available in the market and you will realize why people opt for green tea fat burners.

The television media has also played a big role in promoting green tea as an effective fat burner. Green tea has been the hot topic on many influential talk shows that has caused people to experiment with this all natural substance claiming to have all these wonderful qualities.

How good a fat burner is green tea really?

In order to really determine the value of green tea as a fat burner we should however look at the results and not the promotional campaigns of some of the companies involved in the production of green tea fat burners. In this case scenario the results speak for themselves.

The majority of people have found green tea to be a very effective fat burner which can really enhance the weight loss process. The people who have used it are sticking with it. This is because it has helped them to drop the excess weight and brought along with it many other health benefits into their lives.

How does green tea burn fat?

The biggest plus point for people who use green tea fat burners is the fact that it does not have any side effects all the while it helps you to burn off the extra fat. How it actually works is that it increases the rate of metabolism in your body. At the same time it also acts as an appetite suppressant.

Green Tea Fat Burner 2018

The result is that you feel full with a lesser quantity of food. The increased rate of metabolism makes sure that you expend more energy than you consume which is the only way to lose weight. This entire process is known as themogenesis.

If the use of green tea as a fat burner is accompanied with a balanced diet and an exercise routine the results can be achieved at an amazingly fast pace. Green tea fat burners are the healthiest option for those looking to lose weight.

Green Tea Powder

Green Tea Powder

Did you know that the very green tea that the world is going crazy about these days is made from the same plant that the normal black tea is made from? The reason why they differ so much from each other is because of the process which they go through after harvesting.

Green Tea Powder

To make the harvested leaves into black tea they are put through the process of fermentation. For green tea they are steamed. The fermentation process makes the plant lose all its medicinal properties but gives it a taste which is loved by the public. On the other hand the steaming process produces green tea that is endowed with amazing health benefits. The problem is that not many non-Asian people are used to the taste of green tea.

The edible alternative

For such people the experts have derived green tea powder. This powder is actually prepared all the way in Japan and then exported all around the world. It has been a part of their culture for many years and was popularly used in tea ceremonies which are a customary practice of the people of the land. Japan is credited for having the best green tea harvest in the world. The Uji Tawara area in particular is renowned for its amazing quality green tea produce.

There are many health benefits to be extracted from green tea. The fact that you can’t stand its taste should not stop you from availing the many benefits that this potent drink has. Hence you can always consume the tea in powder form and reap its benefits.

Studies have clearly shown that consumers of green tea whether as liquid or powder tend to be calmer and have a very well functioning digestive system. Green tea also helps to increase the memory.

In Japan green tea holds a special place. It is a drink of honor and is served to guests whom the locals want to honor. They take great care when preparing and serving green tea because it is a matter of honor for them. The west however is only after extracting the medical benefits of green tea and there is no such tradition tying them down.

Making use of green tea powder

use of green tea powder


Green tea powder can actually be used as a flavoring ingredient. This is what makes it easy to consume for those people who are not particularly fond of the taste of the green tea blend. They can make use of the powder to prepare delicious sweets and enjoy the treat as well as the benefits of green tea.

Green tea powder is also used to produce green tea ice cream which is now considered as a real delicacy on a global scale. Although the powder has a slightly bitter taste on its own, when it is consumed along with other ingredients it seems to blend in just fine.

How to Make Green Tea

How to Make Green Tea ?

Tried to make green tea but just can’t stand the taste? Find out how you can make the best cup of green tea and reap its benefits.

How to Make Green Tea

When it comes to making green tea practice is not necessarily what will get you to make a nice cup of the tea. It is correct supervision rather that will guide you as to how you can make a nice tasting cup of green tea.

Many people find it difficult to make a good cup of green tea. One bad experience with the drink makes them drop the idea of ever trying to make it again. Deprive not your self from this wonderful tea and strive to learn how to make it so that you can benefit from it.

Don’t Use Boiling Water!

There are a few things that need to be considered when making green tea. It has been observed that the biggest problem that leads to a bad cup of green tea is the temperature of the water that people use. The majority of people will use boiling hot water to make green tea and this is exactly the problem.

By pouring boiling hot water over the green tea leaves the leaves become cooked. This makes them release more tannin which is the reason why the tea gets that bitter taste. This fundamental mistake is what makes so many people give up the only tea that is so good for the human body.

To ensure that the green tea you make has a good taste do not heat the water beyond 90 degrees at the maximum. Using the water at this temperature will limit the release of tannins and then only will you be able to taste the actual sweetness of the leaves. This is the way to capture the pure flavor of green tea. Hence the way to make it is to let the water cool down after it has reached the maximum boil and then pour in the green tea leaves.

There is another element of making green tea that is often overlooked. Green tea leaves need adequate room to expand. You must have noticed that when placed in water green tea leaves unfold and expand. They need to have enough room to be able to expand so that the water can actually get inside the folded leaves. Using an infuser is the best way to ensure that the green tea leaves get the space that they require.

Making green tea step by step

How to Make Green Tea
Start off by boiling the water to a temperature not exceeding 90 degrees. Place one full teaspoon of green tea in an infuser. The infuser should have adequate space for the tea leaves to expand. Then pour the water in the leaves and give it around 3 minutes to properly infuse. Now remove the leaves from the liquid and enjoy a great cup of green tea for the very first time.

One good thing about green tea leaves is that they can be infused a number of times. This is because they are so potent that they do not release their flavor up until the second or third time. This is one area where you can experiment and discover how you like it best.